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Event Announcement

You may request an announcement be posted in the Sunday Worship bulletin.  Note that posting of announcements is subject to space limitations.  The following guidelines apply:

  •  Please keep the announcement to a maximum of 35-45 words.  This insures that there is enough space for everyone who submits an announcement on time.  If your announcement is longer that 45 words, it may be sent back to you requesting that it be shortened.
  • All announcement requests are due by 11:59 pm on the Monday before the Sunday in which it is to appear in the bulletin.  Any requests that are received on or after Tuesday will be considered for print in the next bulletin ONLY if there is space available in the bulletin AND if there is time in the production schedule to add it.
  • If you have not received an email by Tuesday, 12:00 noon, confirming that your announcement was received, please send an email ASAP to
  • Announcements will normally run for a maximum of two weeks.  If you request that it appear for more than two weeks, efforts will be made to accommodate your request subject to space availability.

Bulletin announcements may be requested using any of the following methods.  Please note that the first two methods (email and online submissions) are strongly preferred.