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In the Presbyterian Church, more trust is placed in a group of people, who together seek to discern the mind of God to lead them towards faithful action, than in a single individual who has all the answers.  Therefore, committees are a mainstay of the church.  At the local, congregational level this means two main boards:  Session as the highest decision making body, and Deacons as the caretaking, pastoral group.  Both groups are to be a representation of the congregation as a whole.

The elders and deacons are ordained positions in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  That means that we believe this person has been chosen by God and the people to be a leader in Christ's church.  The vows they take are the same vows that the pastor takes to become a minister of word and sacrament.  Once a person is ordained that ordination is considered a lifelong vocation.  The ordained elder or deacon has a responsibility to cultivate their prayer life, to study the Bible, and to seek God in their individual, and congregational life.

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  • Session (Elders):  The Session is the Governing Board of the church. The Session consists of the senior pastor, associate pastors, and elders in active service (the "ruling" elders).
  • Deacons:  Deacons to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who my be in distress, both within and beyond the community of faith.

Session Minutes

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The Session is the highest decision making body in the church.  It is the governing body.  The Session normally meets the fourth Monday night of the month (with some exceptions).  The minutes from Session meetings are available to church members so they can review matters that have been brought before Session.  Note, however, that Session Minutes from one meeting are posted to the web only after they have been approved at the next meeting, thereby resulting in a posting delay of more than one month.

Congregational Meeting Minutes

Read the minutes from past Congregational Meetings You must be logged in to see the minutes.

The Session, the governing body of the church, will occasionally call a Congregational Meeting of members of the church to present matters of interest and matters that require a membership vote.  Minutes of these meetings are posted on this web site so that those who could not attend the Congregational Meeting can read about the business that was conducted.