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Board Descriptions

At Vienna Presbyterian Church there are  two main boards:  Session as the highest decision making body, and Deacons as the caretaking, pastoral group.  Both groups are to be a representation of the congregation as a whole.

The elders and deacons are ordained positions in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  That means that we believe this person has been chosen by God and the people to be a leader in Christ's church.  

Session (Elders)

Elders work with the pastors to lead the church in its worship of God and its outreach to the community and world.  Together the Senior Pastor, Associate Pastors, and Elders make up the Session, which is the governing body of the church.  The Session exercises leadership, government, and discipline, and has responsibility for the life of the church as well as the church at large, including ecumenical relationships.  The VPC Session meets monthly, normally on the fourth Monday of the month.  The initial phase of each monthly meeting is held together with the Deacons in a joint leadership meeting.  Elders are elected by the members of the church, typically for a 3-year term.  During this term they are known as "ruling elders" and serve on Session.  Following this term they become members of the College of Elders.


Deacons oversee many tasks to ensure that the church community feels the care and healing of Christ in their individual and family lives. The Deacons at Vienna Presbyterian coordinate a variety of teams that help members of our congregation and community at varying times in their lives.  The Deacons work with members to achieve specific goals.  They deliver flowers, visit people - whether at home or in the hospital or nursing homes, handle receptions after funeral/memorial services, help serve communion, Neighbor-2-Neighbor (helping people with work at their homes they cannot do), send cards, pray for people, and help people who are sick or grieving.

Deacons are elected to a three-year term.  Once they have served their term, they are added to the College of Deacons.

It takes many people to make the church function smoothly and do the work of Christ in our community.  We are grateful to God for the unselfish contributions of time and talent from all of our elected leaders, and the many, many volunteers that work behind the scenes.