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How Do We Grow as Disciples?

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.
    - John 14:12

Discipleship keeps us focused on Jesus Christ.  The word suggests movement, since literally it means follower or apprentice.  The Christian life is a lifelong apprenticeship with Jesus.  If you want to become a disciple of Jesus, spend time with Jesus.  Of course we cannot be with Jesus the same way his apostles could.  Yet through prayer, worship and Bible study we discover what it means to be his followers.  We live out our discipleship by living faithfully, serving creatively, giving generously and witnessing boldly.

It is through a life-long commitment to the following practices of a disciple that Jesus transforms us into His likeness.

The Seven Covenants

Discipleship PracticeBegin ByUltimate Goal

Pray Daily
Prayer is essential to the life of faith.  It is the chief way we communicate and stay in touch with God.

Setting at least one time period each day when you will talk with God.

To pray without ceasing and live prayerfully.

Worship Continually
Communal worship is the primary way Christians connect both with God and each other.

Worshiping with a congregation every Sunday.

Worship God in every moment of life and join with Godís people in worship as often as possible.

Study Diligently
Studying the Bible, theology, and Christian history develops our minds and helps us to focus our thinking on Godís will.

Participating in at least one group learning experience each week.

Significant daily time devoted to study and several group learning experiences each week.

Live Faithfully
To have integrity our lives must reflect what we believe, and we must seek to live in harmony with Godís will.

Seeking Godís help in overcoming bad habits and behaviors.

Complete honesty and integrity.

Serve Creatively
All Christians are called to ministry in Jesusí name.  In our ministry we should creatively channel our spiritual gifts and interests to give glory to God.

Engaging in one ministry activity.

Generate ministries in which you engage others as partners in ministry with you.

Give Generously
Our lives should reflect the self-giving love of God in Christ by the way we give of ourselves and our resources.

Committing to giving a set proportion of your time and your income for Godís work.

Commit to giving freely of your time and resources (tithing and beyond) as God calls you to give.

Witness Boldly
Openly share your faith with others, both through your words and your actions.

Sharing and discussing your faith and values with your family or a close friend.

Freely share and discuss your faith and values with everyone you encounter.