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Fitness Classes
Jan Crerie

Each of us has different needs when it comes to exercise; one size does not fit all.  From health clubs, to smaller studios and community classes, even personal training, there is something for everyone and every need.  Taking care of our body should be a high priority in life.  Jan Crerie, who founded Body Grace Fitness & Yoga, leads fitness classes at Vienna Presbyterian Church.  The classes offer a unique opportunity for people who are looking for an alternative to a large gym workout.  Jan's mission is to bring safe, effective, high quality group fitness to the community.

The cardio and strength classes begin with an instructor-led prayer and share circle as a way to foster fellowship and support.  The yoga classes offer the opportunity to reconnect the mind and body on a more personal level by ending with relaxation and meditation.  All classes help to strengthen body, mind and spirit to create healthier individuals and, in turn, a stronger community.

Visit Jan Crerie's web site,, for more information.