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Spiritual Growth Plan

Statistics show that 81% of people do not have a plan for their spiritual growth!  Statistics also show people with a goal and a plan to reach it are much more likely to reach their goal.  Since our goal is to help you to “become more like Christ Together for the World”, we wanted to give you some tools to make setting goals easier!

  • Becoming like Christ: Time with God.
    We are encouraged to spend time each day with God in personal worship, prayer, Bible study, Solitude, Generosity, etc.  How are you doing with these?
  • Becoming like Christ Together: Time in Community.
    Sharing how God is leading us and teaching us in community is also critical.  Corporate worship, groups, classes, mentoring, spiritual friendships, etc. are all examples of this.  How are you growing in community?
  • Becoming Like Christ Together for the World: Time for the Work of Christ in the World.
    When we spend time loving and serving others inside and outside of our community with our time, talents and resources God transforms us into the people we were created to be.  What do you love to do and how is God using that in the world?

We encourage everyone to prayerfully consider making a Spiritual Growth Plan.  We are happy to support your next step.  If you aren’t sure where to start, or would like more information, we have people who are happy to help you; use the form below!  There are also other resources we suggest to help you develop your plan.


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