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During Lent, our journey through The Story takes us into the gospels and the life of Jesus.  I am excited to read this chronological story of the life of Jesus.  The beauty of reading this living word is that each time I read it the Spirit shows me something in The Story that connects with my story.

A couple of years ago when I was reading through the gospels we had a dinner with our couples small group.  Seeing the men together gave me a new perspective for imagining Jesus and his disciples working together in ministry.  However, instead of it being dry and really two dimensional, I could imagine them messing around.  In Matthew 8, I imagined them in Peter’s mother-in-law’s house while she made them dinner, were they joking around?  Were they sneaking food?  Did she tell them to go wash up for dinner?  Who set the table?  Did they do a New Testament version of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who did the dishes afterwards?  Did they get into a deep theological discussion over dinner, and then start sharing fishing stories?

I am looking forward to reading these familiar scriptures this time and seeing what God shows me about himself, about my ministry, about how I spend my time, my relationships, and where God is ready to move our relationship.  I pray that as I read these scriptures, I let my imagination run wild and imagine a life with Jesus being even more a part of it.

For Lent I am pondering how God wants me to arrange my life to honor him.  Should I give something up, like video games, Facebook, or being negative?  Should I add a practice like gratitude, a new type of prayer, or improved self-care?  What can I do to reflect on who God is in my life and where I am not letting God be God?  What kind of woman does God want me to be, and what can I choose to do at Lent that gives God a better chance of transforming me into that woman?

I hope this devotional helps you slow down and reflect on these precious stories, and lets them breathe joy and vibrancy into your spiritual lives.  If you are wondering how you can better connect with God, are looking for a new way to pray, read scripture, or connect with spiritual friends, please let me know!  I would love to help you.

As always, a huge thank you to the team that helps put these devotionals together: Deb Crumbliss for the printed version, Esther Kim for the e-version, and Chris Chun for editing.  We also want to thank our story-tellers: Sherry Dart, Glenda Simpkins Hoffman, Esther Kim, Jim Leach, and Scott Slocum.

Blessings and peace this Lenten season,
Shannon Jordan
Adult Ministries Director

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