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Majoring in the Minors

VPC is known for its missions: local, national, and international.  Each summer we send teams out on Summer Missions Projects, near and far.  Our church mission statement, “Becoming Like Christ Together for the World,” also reflects this emphasis on serving others.

Jesus taught us to love and serve others.  However, this mandate did not start in the New Testament with Jesus’ teachings; it has a rich tradition in the Old Testament, especially in the prophets.  This summer we will be exploring the Minor Prophets, which are minor in length but major in message.  Our hope is that you will read these texts in order to become like Christ and for the sake of others.

To make devotions easier this summer, each week our sermon will set the stage for a minor prophet, and the following week’s devotions will be a time to explore these rich, but often unexplored treasures.  We are encouraging each person to use a study Bible to help you in this.  (See Resources for Personal Bible Study at the end of the devotional book.)  The Minor Prophets are very different from other books in the Bible, and it is important that we understand their context.  The Minor Prophets tend to focus on what God is saying to the Israelites more than the historical setting.  You will want a good study Bible or online resources to understand and apply what you are learning.

On Mondays review the background notes on the book of the week. has The NIV Study Bible notes, or you can use your own study Bible.  On Tuesday read  through the book (they are very short).  Consider reading a more modern translation like The Message or Common English Bible (both available online for free).

Wednesday through Saturday, slow down and read the passages more slowly.  Meditate on some of the verses.  We will give some suggested verses for meditation.  We will also give some information each week on one of our missions partners or SMPs so that you can pray for them, or maybe even take steps to act on what you are learning!

We hope that this time of reflection on these books of the Bible is meaningful and life changing for you!

Shannon Jordan
Adult Ministries Director

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