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Seeing Godís story in our story.

We have all grown up with stories.  We read them to our kids.  We tell them at work.  We watch them on the big screen, and the small screen.  We love stories!  When my husband and I watch certain movies he tends to give movies that jump around in time sequence lower scores.  He wants a linear, chronological story line.  Jumping around is more difficult to follow.  Other types of movies that receive lower scores are those that canít decide what kind of genre they are: romance, action, or comedy.  When it is not just one genre, we donít know as readily what to expect.

Isnít that the case with the Bible sometimes?  Reading through you can find narrative, history, poetry, law, and allegory.  Then the history is sometimes jumbled up, with new people getting added whom we donít even know.  It is confusing, and tempts us to put down the Bible and turn on the TV!  That is the beauty of what we will be reading this year: The Story.

The Story is the NIV translation of the Bible, written in a cohesive, chronological manner.  Transition pieces are inserted to further explain and clarify the biblical text.  These are in italics so you know that they arenít part of the actual scripture.  There are no book names, or chapter and verse numbers.  It reads more like a novel so that you can follow Godís story throughout.

In following Godís story, we hope that you will slow down and think about where your story connects with Godís story.  Where can you see God at work in your story?  Where does Godís story speak to your story?

We invite you to spend the next 31 weeks giving Godís story a chance to unfold.  Commit to reading a chapter a week and reflecting on the reflection questions each week.  Commit to coming to worship, or listening online each week, to further connect to The Story.  For even more transformation, we invite you to talk about your story in one of our groups covering The Story, or in one of our new micro-groups!

We would love to help you find where your story connects with Godís story.  Come by the Connect Table on Sunday mornings, or email me at shannon.jordan(at) so we can help.

Enjoy the most amazing love story of all time!

Shannon Jordan
Adult Ministries Director

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