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Mission and Curriculum

Mission and Objectives

The mission of VPCP is to provide an environment that is Christ-centered and dedicated to support families in the Christian nurturing of their children.

In keeping with its mission, the objectives of VPCP are:

Spiritual: To create a Christ-centered environment where each child’s uniqueness and special gifts are celebrated.

Social-emotional: To provide a sense of community and to teach each child the skills necessary for achieving a sense of self, taking responsibility for self and others and accepting and expressing emotions appropriately.

Cognitive: To provide a learning environment that supports and encourages growth in problem solving and thinking both logically and symbolically.

Physical: To provide a physical environment that will encourage children to achieve both fine motor (hands and wrists) and gross motor (large muscle groups) control.

Language: To provide a language-rich environment in which children can begin to practice and learn the skills related to listening and speaking as well as those of pre-reading and writing.


VPCP’s curriculum is based on the development of the whole child. Teachers focus on each child’s spiritual, social-emotional, cognitive, physical and language development and emphasize age-appropriate activities and learning through play and fellowship. VPCP’s curriculum is unique to our school and has been built over time by our teaching staff. Please see the Curriculum Guide for more information about the specific skills taught at each age level. Teachers and assistant teachers practice positive discipline techniques similar to Early Childhood experts Becky Bailey, Ph.D. and Katherine Kersey, Ph.D.

Programs and Special Events

Each child at VPCP attends a chapel lesson each week and a music class each week.  Children and families also participate in several special events throughout the year including:

October: Halloween parade and pumpkin patch
November: Thanksgiving Feast
December: Christmas Program
February: Pajamas and pancakes day
May: Spring picnic