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In 1871, it started with nine committed people with a passion to plant a church in Vienna, Virginia, and their dream was realized when they opened the doors to a 100 seat chapel in 1874.

So if nine people can build a 100 seat chapel, what can 3,000 people do in 2015 if we put our heart and soul into it?  Imagine the Ministry Center with no debt.  Imagine more money available for missions.  That means food for the hungry, help for the needy, hope for the hurting, and shelter for the homeless.  It means children experiencing the love and joy of God, students given an alternative to the strong pull of todayís popular culture, marriages restored and enriched, families brought to Christ.  Lives changed.  Lives that matter to God.  Thatís the work of Christ.  Thatís what we seek to do here at VPC.  And thatís what we can do with the generous giving of our members and friends.

Just like lots of nonprofits, VPC feeds the hungry, clothes the needy, houses the homeless.  But with you, VPC can do one thing that the others cannotÖwe can nourish the soul.  We can spread the love of Jesus throughout our community.  Itís time to look at all the things God did for us last year and the 140 years before that and do more.  Make VPC your #1 priority in your giving.

You may make a pledge on Sunday, or you may make a pledge online.