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Debt Retirement

Debt Retirement

In January of 2005, construction of the Ministry Center was completed and we celebrated as we moved in.  We weren't sure what God was going to do with all the space but it wasn't long before it was filled with classes, events, community meetings, weekend retreats, and more!

Through a series of three 3-year capital campaigns, we reduced the initial $20 million debt to a little over $5 million.  That's what remains.

We hope to pay off this debt without an additional capital campaign.  Beginning with the 2012 budget year, we began to include the minimum annual debt service, our "mortgage payments," in a unified budget, with the Ministry and Missions Budget.

All funds designated to the Debt Retirement Plan will be used first to pay the minimum annual debt service and all funds beyond that will be used to reduce the principal balance.

There is a separate line on the 2014 Pledge Card so that you may designate funds to debt retirement.