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For Parents

With stronger family ministry being one of VPC’s strategic goals, Student Ministries is dedicated to partnering with parents.  We believe that you are the strongest influence on your child’s faith, and therefore we want to support you!  Parents, please know that we care about you as well as your child, and we very much welcome any ministry feedback you have for us.  We’d also love to meet you!  Feel free stop to in and say hi when you drop off/pick up your child, or visit us at our office during the week.  Parents are always welcome.  Also, parent volunteers are a beloved gift to our ministry.  If you have a heart to help behind the scenes or in ministry with students, please talk to us more.

Parents of Middle School and High School students:
Please be sure to fill out the current Student Ministries Registration and Release form for each student.  The information is extremely helpful to our communication with you.  Please help us help you by sending in the form.  The form is available on our Forms and Registrations page.

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Join Our Mailing List
If you’d like to receive our mail and email updates, contact our administrative assistant Jeannie Morris at jeannie.morris(at)

Join Our Text Message Update List
Parents and students can receive text message reminders about what's going on in Student Ministries by signing up for a high school grad year list.  Once on your list, you'll be on it until you graduate or if you text STOP in reply to a text message.  Just text the code pertinent to you or your child to the number 69302.

High School Grad Year Codes:

underground 2019
underground 2018
underground 2017
underground 2016
underground 2015
underground 2014

Don't forget the space between "underground" and the grad year!

Family Ties

Has anyone ever said that growing up is easy?  Really, is that even possible?!  Teens aren’t perfect, and neither are their parents…and God doesn’t expect them to be.   What He does ask is that we honor and respect each other even when it’s hard.  As teens strive for freedom, family ties may be loosening or even feel broken at times, but there’s hope in this messy world of growing up – God created certain ties to bind, providing comfort and connection to family no matter how “grown up” we are.  Throughout this series, we’ll not only teach students and parents how to recognize this hope, deal with change, and the science behind every teen’s developing mind, we’ll have them step into each other’s shoes!  Through clever videos and creative messages, we’ll show students what it feels like to be their parents while reminding parents of what it’s like to be a teen.  Get ready to laugh, relate, learn something new, and realize that you’re not alone in the process of growing up!  We hope to see both parents and teens at Underground AM in May!


  • May  4 -- Ties That Loosen: Freedom & Trust
  • May 11 -- Ties That Break: Discipline & Respect
  • May 18 -- Youth Sunday! (Students lead worship in the sanctuary at 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00 am)
  • May 25 -- Ties That Bind: Faith & Love

Throughout May consider worshipping with your family in the Sanctuary at 8:00 or 11:00 am, then come on down to the Underground at 9:30 for Family Ties!  Continental breakfast will be served for everyone from 9:00-9:30 while you connect with other parents and teens.  Please join us for this quality opportunity to bond with your family while relating to others in our community!

For more information contact Kim Snyder at kim.snyder(at) or 703-938-9050 x130.