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In A Nutshell

Underground AM (Sunday School)  11:00 am - noon
A.M. includes a brief biblical message for teens (with videos, prayer and testimonies interspersed) followed by group discussions to help students ask questions and develop their faith under the guidance of strong adult leaders.

Underground PM (Youth Group) 5:30 - 7:30 pm, Sundays
It's where fellowship, worship and fun collide!  The relationships you build while here are worth it.  The first half is spent hanging out and playing games.  Then we worship with the teen worship band and break into small groups lead by strong adults committed to helping teens pursue authentic faith.

What are Small Groups?
Small Groups are designed to give students an opportunity to go deeper in their faith and create meaningful relationships with peers and adult mentors.  Every group has 6-12 students and two adult leaders.  Each week groups use their time to study the bible, learn how to follow Christ, encourage each other, and pray for one another.  Small groups are one of the best ways to deepen faith and make friends while at church.  Check out Underground PM and join a group any time!

Hub Events
Events geared towards building relationships through fun activities.  Some Hub Events are middle and high school combined.

Youth Worship Ministries
These ministries include the Youth Choir, Youth Orchestra, Celebration Handbells, and Worship Band.  The Youth Choir leads worship weekly for the 8:00 am Sunday worship service, while Youth Orchestra joins them once a month.  Celebration Handbells and Worship Band participate on special occasions.

Read more about these ministries on the main VPC website.

For information about rehearsals and getting involved contact Lance Vining at lance.vining(at) or 703-938-9050 x132.

Service Projects
Join other students and leaders for community service on weeknights or weekends.

The Street Room
The cool room with all the street signs where many teen programs take place.

Hang Rooms
Lounging couches, video games, pool, air hockey, ping pong tables, and more in these youth hangout areas in the Underground.

SM Media Center
All kinds of quality Christian teen and adult media to check out, as well as a comfy lounge area and computer stations to do homework.  Open on Sundays during the AM and PM programs and by request.

Everything and anything can happen here:  Dodge Ball, Steal the Bacon, other fun games... you name it.