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At New Hope Bulgaria, we look for ways to empower and encourage the local church in serving the needs of their children, teenagers and youth, and walk with them in the process of discipleship.  Summer camps has proven to be one of the very effective ways of helping children, teens and youth to come to a place where they can spend time in an environment that focuses their minds and hearts on building friendships, play together, study God's Word and use their imagination and energy to express their creativity and talents.

Summer camp has provided great encouragement for the teens and youth as they walk with the Lord and seek answers to many of life's most important questions.  They return from camp with greater spiritual and emotional strength and desire to witness to their peers and share Christ with others.


  1. Our teens live in a secular society.  Many face challenges and pressure in school and they needs a place and a time like summer camps or VBS when they spend time with other peers and teachers and receive encouragement, demonstrate their skills, pray together and simply have fun outside of their usual school routine.
  2. We have seen how summer camps change lives and draw those who are kind of one foot in the world and the other in church.  Last year's camp helped a local church increase their teen ministry membership.

Goals of the Camp

  1. To have the children and teens spend time in mutually beneficial fellowship, Bible-study and outdoor activities (sports, walks, get-to-know the place trips).
  2. To have the teens learn new skills, demonstrate their talents and enjoy nature where they are.
  3. Spend time in sharing about personal needs, challenges and prayer for our children, teens and their respective families.

Preliminary Proposed Project

We need the team of 7-9 volunteers who would like to come in Bulgaria and help to do Bible study, games, creative and productive free time for children, teens and parents.  We expect to have around 40-50 people coming to summer camp.


We will meet the team in Burgas or Varna.  The team can arrive a day or two earlier so that you can accommodate to the place and weather.  Weather in July will be very warm (even hot).  Great time for outdoor work.  We don't have a van, so the team will have to rent a van for the transportation or use trains and/or buses for the transportation needs.

Projected Time-Line and Cost Per Person

The team can spend 10 days in Bulgaria, 6 days at camp and several days in Bulgaria for debriefing and sightseeing.

In-country transportation will be $200-$500 (if the team decides to rent a van).  Trains are an option (cheap transport), but they have their own disadvantages of time, schedule, and hygiene).

Lodging and meals will cost about $20 per day per person for the days of camp, and $35 per day in the cities.

For More Information

For more information contact Nat Sears at, or Sue Hamblen, Director of Missions, at 703-938-9050 x111, or