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SMP Mission Statement

The Mission

To support and encourage the sharing of the GOOD NEWS of Christ and the discipling of those who by faith accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  To serve those in need.

Our Charter

Send groups to share the GOOD NEWS through the means of organized missions trips.

Primary Focus:


  • helping others in need both physically and spiritually
  • showing youth they can make a difference
  • building relationships between participants and those served


  • involving youth in witness
  • serving as a witness to those served
  • being a witness to the VPC Congregation


  • creating a greater sense of community and deepening of relationships within the VPC congregation including cross generational
  • helping participants mature and nourish their relationship with Christ
  • encouraging growth in leadership skills of youth
  • nurturing talents
  • building leadership skills of those participating
  • helping participants create a right relationship with God, with other, and with the created world