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Adult Sunday Morning Classes

Explore the classes by meeting times:

9:00 am Classes (Summer Schedule)

Beyond Basics

As a Sunday morning class focused on disciple-making, this class strives to build community in the class, in the congregation and in the community through study, prayer, care and service.  All are welcome in Room 205.

This class continues to meet during the summer, at 9:00 am.

Come study with us.  For more information contact Kate Lund at 703-255-7244 or

Partners with Christ

This class is in summer recess through September 6.

"Partners" is an adult Sunday School class open to men and women of all ages and stages of life.  Our goal is to strengthen and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other by studying His word and sharing what we are learning.  Several different teachers facilitate discussion, with curriculum based on the interests of the members and where the Holy Spirit leads the class.  We use books, DVDs and other materials, but always in support of our primary focus, the Bible: Godís written word to His people.  Newcomers are more than welcome to join in at any time.  The class ranges in size from 15 to 40, depending on the Sunday.

Come join us!  We meet in the Parlor.  For more information contact Martha Strauss at 703-319-7050 or

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10:45 am Classes  (Summer Schedule)

Single Adults Living Truth (SALT)

Single Adults Living Truth (SALT) is a class for single adults in their 40ís and 50ís to study scripture together and enjoy fellowship.  The class meets in the 2nd Floor Conference Room.

This class continue to meet during the summer, at 10:45 am.

For more information contact Shannon Jordan at 703-938-9050 or shannon.jordan(at)


Growing Together in God's Word!
If you are seeking a warm, open fellowship of believers who enjoy digging into scripture to discover guidance for today, then you will feel right at home in this class.  We are constantly stretching to discover truths for today in the wisdom of yesterday.  You are invited to join our friendship and Bible study.  Come as you are -- no preparation required.  We meet at 9:30 in Rooms 203/204.   Come discover friends you havenít met yet and weíll grow together.

This class continues to meet during the summer, at 10:45 am.

This class is facilitated by John and Kathy Draper, 703-539-8300 or

Family Ties

This class is in summer recess through September 6.

This community of couples and parents explore great topics about faith, marriage, family, and following Christ.

Family Ties meets in Room 109.  Class Leaders are Christina and Randy Jones and Stephanie and Ryan Seckinger.  For more information contact Randy at randysjones(at)


This class is in summer recess through September 6.

Apprentices is about learning to live our lives as Jesus would have us.  It is an adult Sunday school class for men and women of all ages and stages.  Our goal is to be enriched and fed spiritually through the study of scripture as well as sharing our lives and praying with one another.  Class members rotate facilitating the discussion, with curriculum based on the interests of the group and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We use scripture, books by well respected Christian authors, DVDs and other materials.

Please join us.  Newcomers are always welcome.  We meet in room 205!  For more information contact Elaine Ryan at 703-470-1338 or

ESOL Bible Study

The ESOL Bible Study (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is open to adults from every country who are Level 2 or 3 students (intermediate and advanced).  The purpose will be to gain a better understanding of Godís word in the Bible and to improve listening, speaking and reading skills in English.  We will learn vocabulary words, practice pronunciation, read Bible verses and discuss the meaning and application of verses studied.  Friendships will be formed in a Christ-centered environment.  We meet in room 311.

For more information contact Shun or Doris Ling at 703-255-0656 or

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