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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways you can help support worship services at VPC:

  • Sanctuary Decoration Team assists with organizing and decorating the church.  They also help with properly placing important elements for worship, filling candleholders, setting furniture and updating pew rack information.  Contact Barb Strite at
  • Media Support Team is a new team that supports the use of slides in Worship.  Volunteer tasks include screen set-up and take-down and operating the slide presentations during the services.  Contact Megan Kritsky at if you can help with this growing ministry area!
  • Parking Attendants assist those needing help finding a parking space for Sunday services.  Call Jim Thomas at 703-255-5094, or email him at
  • Greeters welcome all people coming to worship on Sunday mornings.  Call Jane Sams at 703-758-9286 or email her at janesams@cox.netOr signup online.
  • Ushers assist by seating participants to prepare for worship.  Contact Gerri Webb at or Ford Moseley at
  • Welcome Table and Sign-Up Table in the narthex provide information to both visitors and members of VPC.  Volunteers at the Welcome Table answer questions, especially from visitors and newcomers.  Call Kriste Main at 703-255-4796, or email her at
  • Communion Support includes setting and resetting communion trays between services, clean up, collecting of cups from pews, etc.  Call Linda Arend at 703-620-2626, or email her at
  • Coffee Connection:  Teams of coffee hosts are scheduled monthly to prepare and serve coffee on Sunday mornings between services.  Call Ken Workman at 703-860-1452, or email him at
  • Sound Technicians facilitate audio and visual resources (playback and recording) for worship, Youth Group and other church activities.  For audio and visual information contact Arlan Stehney at arlan.stehney(at)