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Bridgepoint is VPC’s mission of sharing the love, hospitality, and message of Jesus Christ with the community-our friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Director of Bridgepoint, Phil Kratovil, 703.937.1897; Email Phil or visit

Bridgepoint Luncheons

Bridgepoint Luncheons invite top leaders from the business, political, athletic, and media communities to speak over lunch about what honesty, integrity, and character mean to them and how they integrate these values into their professional and personal lives.

Bridgepoint Lunch and Learn Discussion Groups

Bridgepoint Lunch and Learn Discussion Groups provide opportunities to meet in a small group with like-minded men and women to discuss what it means on a practical level to integrate God and biblical principles with work and life.

Bridgepoint After Hours

Bridgepoint After Hours are informal after-work networking events at a local restaurant in the Vienna/Tysons area.  It’s an opportunity to relax and enjoy informal interaction with other like-minded professional men and women from around the area.

Bridgepoint Transitions

Bridgepoint Transitions provides opportunities for those who are in transition in their work to gain personal encouragement, support and training as they seek a new chapter in their professional lives.  Career Networking Night is a periodic dinner event conducted by Bridgepoint Transitions which includes dinner, an inspirational speaker, a job fair, and resume’ reviews.


SteakOuts are men’s dinners that provide the men of VPC the opportunity to bring a friend, neighbor, or co-worker to a steak dinner to hear an inspirational message and experience the camaraderie of other men in the church.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach several times a year, in conjunction with Town of Vienna events, VPC has the opportunity to reach out to our community with hospitality and an invitation to learn more about VPC and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Events include: Viva! Vienna!, and the Christmas Church Street Holiday Stroll.

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