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Family Resources

You will see the letters RNM throughout the resources. 

This refers to Right Now Media which is available as a FREE Subscription and offered to all. For more information and to sign up to have access to all their resources, click here.



Parenting Class

On break until fall. Contact for more information.

Parent Resources for Discipling at Home

Check back in the fall for parent resources!

Internet Safety

With our children and teens being online more than ever before, we want to resource you with information on what the dangers are and how you can take steps to keep them safe.

Websites that offer information and support:

Blocking/monitoring software:

Moms Connect monthly on the 1st Wednesdays / 7 to 9


Marriage Resources

Overcoming Anxiety During Covid 19 on RNM


Preschool Chapel

  • To view Ms. Marnie’s chapel, click HERE.

  • Chapel Worship Songs 2020, click HERE.

Preschool Lessons (Ages 1-4)

In Person

Sunday morning Childcare in person during the 9 am service

Bridges to Worship for Pre-K & K in person during the 9 am service

God’s Big Story in person during the 10:10 am outside in the parking lot


Owlegories on RNM

God’s Big Story for Toddlers & Pre-K on Zoom Sunday’s at 8:30

God’s Big Story for Pre-K to 6th Grade on Zoom Sunday’s 10:10-10:40

Elementary Lessons

In Person

Doorways to Worship in person offered during the 9 am service — join us for Adventures with Aslan!

God’s Big Story for Pre-K to 6th Grade in person 10:10-10:40 in the parking lot


God’s Big Story for Pre-K to 6th Grade on Zoom Sunday’s 10:10-10:40

Phil Vischer on RNM / Ephesians, 1 Peter, Philippians, 1 John

Worldviews on RMN / 5 Lessons

Micah’s Armor of God & Fruit of the Spirit on RNM

Bible Force 1st Heroes on RMN

Christian History on RNM / George Muller & Martin Luther

Story Time on RNM /   Max Lucado – The Boy and The Ocean

Story Time on RNM / The Lightlings by R.C. Sproul

Middle & High School

Click HERE for all Student Ministry Programs offered!


An encouraging article for college students

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