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Daily Devotions

2022 Apostles' Creed Devotionals

One of my favorite statements is that we live what we believe. The question is “What do we believe—really believe?” In the first centuries after Christ, that was a real question. The Jewish people had the Old Testament scripture, but now they had to clarify their understanding about God and themselves in light of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension. Leaders in the early church had to process what they knew and believed in light of this new reality of who Jesus was and what he accomplished for us. 

Our summer sermon series beginning May 15 will be on the Apostles’ Creed. This is the earliest and perhaps the most familiar of all the creeds. And it is one that is used in Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox churches.  

Each week in worship, we will explore one of the key affirmations of our faith. For the devotions, scripture passages have been chosen that support key statements about God. The questions here are provided to help you focus on the truth of God’s word and consider how to respond as God invites you to do. Please understand that not every question will apply to every scripture reading. Hopefully, they can serve as a springboard for reflection, prayer, and response.  

May God use our study of his word and the teaching on the Apostles’ Creed to help change us by deepening our understanding and transforming our beliefs so that we can live what we say we believe.  Pastor Glenda Simpkins Hoffman

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