Pastor Nominating Committee

At Sunday services on April 28, 2019, Pastor Pete James announced that he will be retiring from his position as senior pastor by the end of 2020. The process for calling a new pastor is established by PC(USA) and administered by the Presbytery.

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was elected by the congregation on June 23, 2019 and began work immediately. Roles were established for all 9 individual members and they have settled upon twice weekly meeting times which have been held via Zoom since mid-March. Tasks within each meeting vary but always include time for devotion and prayer. The committee is continually asking for God to hear its prayers for guidance, for His presence to be among all their discussions, for their hearts and minds to be open to His inner-workings within each individual and as a group, and for the revealing of His path forward as it searches for VPC’s new senior pastor. The PNC will report progress on a regular basis.

In general, they have a three-step process for completing this pastoral search. The three stages can be summarized as:

  • Establish VPC’s requirements for the position of pastor/head of staff – This step is completed and can be seen in the Ministry Information Form (MIF) (see link below).
  • Conduct a broad and thorough search, screening the responses to a final set of candidates – while the PNC is not actively searching for candidates at this point, it is reviewing and processing any new Personal Information Forms (PIFs) that are submitted.
  • Evaluate the candidates and make a selection – this is ongoing and the PNC is actively discerning God’s will with respect to candidates. The PNC is also creatively adjusting its process as it relates to COVID-19. They recognize that in-person visits are valuable to both a candidate and the PNC and will require many guidelines to do so safely. They continue to think of new ways to connect with candidates and recognize that a selected candidate may require more time to give notice or relocate during these times.

Following this final stage of discernment, the committee will follow the enumerated process laid out by Presbytery for final vetting of the chosen candidate, culminating in presentation of the candidate to the congregation with recommendation of approval via a special congregational meeting called by Session.

The PNC continues to ask for the prayers from the congregation – prayers for the members of the committee, this church, and whomever God has in store for VPC. They seek your grace and trust that they are progressing in the search. The PNC is joyous and excited about what God has in store for our church.

As mentioned, we jointly and unanimously decided upon the following roles for individual members:

John Hall, Co-chair
Yvonne Malloy, Co-chair
Chris Dowell, Recording Secretary
Teri Dungan, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer
Megan Gerbracht, Devotions Co-lead
Ryan Seckinger, IT Lead
Rachel Thompson, Communications Lead
Beth Webster, Hospitality Lead
Dan Wright, Devotions Co-lead

Get to know your PNC Committee. Read their Bios here. They are also interested in your feedback. Please feel free to contact them with your comments or additional questions at

Candidates, please submit you Personal Information Forms (PIFs) to

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