Jan 22

Racial Reconciliation and Healing

Join us for prayer for Racial Reconciliation and Justice, every Friday, at 12:00pm.
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86593017148

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Jan 24

Outdoor Worship

Join us for in-person Worship in the VPC Parking Lot at 1:00pm. Spaces are limited, reservations are required. We can only accommodate walk-ins if spaces are available. Register in advance. Lyrics can be found here.
Feb 20

Bags of Love Food Distribution

Bags of Love is a monthly food collection and distribution to the Vienna area.

You are welcome,
just as you are.

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What Matters Most

As a new year begins, there are many things ahead for each of us as individuals, for our country, and our world. As a church, we are facing a pastoral transition. We have known about it and even have been talking about it for almost two years, but the time of Pete’s retirement is imminent. January and February will be the last season of Pastor Pete’s 42 years of ministry. There are a variety of ways we plan to recognize and celebrate his long and faithful ministry in the next two months.
Pastor Pete is going to be preaching on what matters most to him and our church, and our daily devotions will complement his sermon series. Each day we will have the opportunity to read scripture chosen by a member of the congregation and listen to their reflections on how God has transformed their lives through the ministries of VPC, particularly under Pete’s leadership.
This is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our own experience of transformation and to celebrate and give thanks to God for the gift of Pete’s presence and ministry among us and all that he means to us individually and collectively.

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