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"...they are also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity."

God calls us to share our blessings with others. Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you to support the ministry and mission of Vienna Presbyterian Church. 

Practically speaking, a pledge is an estimate of your giving for the upcoming year.  Your giving, combined with the gifts of other members and friends, fund everything we do as a community of faith: from paying the salaries of our clergy and staff to supporting our outreach ministries, our care ministries, our worship, our youth and children’s ministries, our music and our facilities. Your support makes it all possible.

Spiritually speaking, when you pledge you make a commitment to God and to your church.  A pledge is your response to the abundant blessings from God.  Pledging also helps transform your giving into a spiritual practice like worship, study, prayer and service.

There is no right amount to pledge.  The decision of how much to give should be personal and thoughtful.  Every gift is important and meaningful regardless of the amount. Some may consider tithing, the practice of sharing ten percent of your income, the standard for Christian giving.  That would be wonderful, but we recognize that not everyone is able to do that.  The amount you give is a personal decision that should reflect your life situation. We hope that as you consider your financial support for VPC, you reflect on the abundance of gifts God has entrusted to your care and give thanks for those gifts by giving back to the church.
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