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Nominating Committee

Each year our congregation seeks out those among us who have a heart for Jesus Christ and His people in this community of faith. These individuals serve in multiple ways. Elders are asked to serve as spiritual leaders for the congregation, leading the people in living out God’s call for our life together by listening and responding to the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Deacons are the caregivers of the congregation and the community, sharing the love of Jesus through fellowship, service, witness, and compassion. Could this be the year that you rise up to hold God’s people in your heart and love them by serving as a leader or caregiver? Is somebody you know equipped and ready to do so?

Servant Leaders Wanted!
● People of faith, dedication, and good judgment whose lives demonstrate the Christian Gospel, both within the church and in the world.
● Individuals who deeply love VPC and desire to lead and serve in ministry as we bring glory to God.
● Elders serve 3-year terms that begin in January. Elders typically meet monthly and also have a particular ministry area (e.g. Next Gen, Missions, Worship) that they liaise with or lead.
● Deacons serve 3-year terms that begin in January. Deacons typically meet monthly and serve on deacon teams focusing on particular areas.
● Congregational representatives on the Nominating Committee serve 2-year terms, with most of the work done in April, May, and June.
● All nominees must be full members of the church.

VPC is currently accepting recommendations for Deacons and Elders for 2025. If you would like to recommend yourself or someone you think would be a trusted, committed, and capable leader, please complete the form below.

Recommendations can be made at any time, but for full consideration, please make them by April 28, 2024.

Nominations for VPC Leadership

Nominations for VPC Leadership

The mission of the Nominating Committee is to nominate qualified persons of spiritual maturity who make space for God in their lives and are open to God’s direction— to serve as Elders, Deacons and members of (next year’s) Nominating Committee at Vienna Presbyterian Church. The Committee is guided by the Book of Order and VPC’s Bylaws and Standards of Leadership in its task of providing nominations to the congregation for approval at a Congregational Meeting. It receives information about upcoming openings and position-specific needs from the Lead Pastor, the Clerk of Session, and elsewhere, and it encourages and gratefully accepts suggestions about potential nominees from the congregation, pastors, and staff.

Members of the 2023 Nominating Committee include:
Jonathan Benett, Nominating Committee Chair, Elder
Andrew McCormick, Elder
Pam Sellars, Deacon
Ryan Seckinger, Congregation
Gerri Webb, Congregation
Denise Ralston, Congregation
Jessica Clarke, Congregation
Hope Lee, Lead Pastor

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