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Our Leaders

In the Presbyterian Church, more trust is placed in a group of people, who together seek to discern the mind of God to lead them towards faithful action, than in a single individual who has all the answers. Therefore, committees are a mainstay of the church. At the local, congregational level this means two main boards: Session, as the highest decision- making body, and the Deacons, as the care-taking, pastoral group. Both groups are to be a representation of the congregation as a whole.

The elders and deacons are ordained positions in the Presbyterian Church (USA). That means that we believe each of them have been chosen by God and the congregation to be a leader in Christ’s church. The vows they take are the same vows that the pastor takes to become a Minister of Word and Sacrament. Once a person is ordained that ordination is considered a lifelong vocation. The ordained elders and deacons have a responsibility to cultivate their prayer life, to study the Bible, and to seek God in their individual, and congregational life.


The Session is the Governing Board of the church, and consists of the senior pastor, associate pastors, and elders in active service (the “ruling” elders). To contact the VPC Session, please email

Moderator: Hope Lee

Clerk of Session: Chuck Allen

To view session minutes, logon to Realm

  • Bill Carter
  • Jonathan Lochhaas
  • Jan Mahumed
  • Sandi McLauchlin
  • Doris Pierson
  • Beth Webster (filling in a one year term)
  • Chuck Allen
  • Tom Bauer
  • Patricia Bronson
  • Steve Dirkse
  • Kristin Romero
  • David Steiner
  • Jonathan Benett
  • Teri Dungan
  • Chris Jones
  • Melinda Mayes
  • Karen Mokate


Deacons minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress, both within and beyond the community of faith.

Moderator: Christa Davidson

Vice-Moderator: Tim Boatwright

Treasurer: Jacquie Garland

Secretary: Pat Dirkse

Memorial Service Reception Coordinator: Mary Campbell

Pastor Liaison: Charles Geschiere

  • Betty Anger
  • Susan Bauer
  • Mary Campbell
  • Rick Cassee
  • Jessica Clarke
  • Christa Davidson
  • Tim Dronsfield
  • Todd Hall
  • Paul Mayer
  • Pat Sheridan
  • Tim Boatwright
  • Sharon Burger
  • Charles Clohan
  • Lee Curtis
  • Pat Dirkse
  • Ernie Fergusson
  • Ashley Harrison
  • Lisa DeCarlo
  • Debbie Frankiewicz
  • Frank Ganis
  • Jacquie Garland
  • Clay Hamric
  • Sarah Killion
  • Clark Lindgren
  • Mark Richards
  • Pam Sellars
  • Rebecah Shepherd

Transformation Teams

As we begin a new season of ministry, teams of servant leaders are working to reimagine and strengthen our children and youth ministry, reduce any barriers that might hamper greater participation in the life of the church, and create new opportunities to serve and engage for all ages. In order for our work together to reach its greatest potential, we encourage everyone in the congregation to reach out to any of the teams to share suggestions, ask questions, voice concerns, or provide insight into these areas of growth.


  • Ted Davies, Chair
  • Maddie Schmidt
  • Jason Chung
  • Burt LeJune
  • Bruce Dickson
  • Tristen Yancey
  • Denise Ralston

Next Gen

  • RJ Clarke, Chair
  • Patty Yoder
  • Matt Trasher
  • Kristin Krisko
  • Carrie Miller
  • Jamey Jeff
  • Tim Boatwright


  • Robin Portman, Chair
  • Lisa Baltzer
  • Kevin White
  • Barbara Benoit
  • Greg Rahal
  • Chris Dowell
  • Hilary Sesin


  • Pastor Hope Lee, Chair
  • Lee Self
  • Yvonne Malloy
  • Randy Jones
  • Jill Roberts
  • Rick Webster
  • David Campbell

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One of the four Transformation Teams is focused on discerning God’s will for the next phase in the life of our church. To that end, the team has prepared a short survey with the goal to gather some initial information from our congregation. Click here to take the survey.

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