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Renewing Prayer

Renewing Prayer relies on Jesus to replace emotional pain in our lives with His perfect peace. Renewing Prayer is not about giving advice, diagnosing problems, or sharing opinions. It is about an invitation to have a personal, transforming, renewing encounter with the Lord Jesus.

Invitation to Renewing Prayer

Uncomfortable emotions such as anxiety, stress and sadness are normal in our everyday lives. Our usual strategy is to deny them, distract ourselves, or blame others for what we are feeling.  Renewing Prayer is an opportunity to take our emotional pain to the Lord.  You can read how it works in the explanation of the Renewing Prayer process below.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact Pastor Connie Jordan-Haas requesting times and dates that work for you.


703.938.9050, x116 or email Connie

The Renewing Prayer Process

How Beliefs Drive Feelings and Actions 

Renewing Prayer is based on the premise that our beliefs determine what we feel and our feelings determine how we react. As we go through our lives, we establish beliefs about events, people, and, most important, ourselves.  These beliefs trigger feelings that can be emotionally overwhelming and can cause us to act in ways we may not intend.

 For example, if a young girl’s single parent left her with other people to care for her while her parent worked, she may feel alone, unloved, and ultimately believe she was unlovable.  Later, as an adult, if a loved one doesn’t spend time with her, those feelings of loneliness and not being loved can flood forward, triggering anger and possibly driving her to break off the relationship.  But how might she react if she knew, without a doubt, that she is deeply loved?

When Renewing Prayer ministers would pray with this young woman, she would realize that, in her memories as a child, she believed that she was unlovable.  The Renewing Prayer ministers would invite Jesus to reveal His truth to that little girl in her memory.  Jesus isn’t bound by time so when He reveals truth to that young girl, He is also bringing His truth to the adult woman.  His truth replaces her false belief of being unlovable.  In truth, she now feels perfect peace both in that memory and in her current relationships.

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to testify about Him and to remind us of all Jesus said.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you!” Now, knowing the truth and with a renewed mind, we are free to act from His truth and in His peace. John 14:27

General Information

Renewing Prayer is a prayer ministry under the Care and Prayer Ministry.  If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Pastor Connie Jordan-Haas at 703.938.9050, x116.

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