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What We Believe

Our Vision

Pure and simple: we want to engage more people in Christ’s mission. Jesus commissions his church to go and make disciples. Our broken, hurting world compels all of us to take up Jesus’ call. Every person we meet is worthy of Christ’s love. We pledge to seek each other’s welfare and promote good will. We place a high value on authentic community.


Our Mission

Becoming Like Christ: We experience personal transformation through Jesus Christ.

Together: We live out our transformation in community through loving relationships

For the World: We participate in Christ’s ongoing ministry of transformation in the world by using our gifts and sharing the good news in word and deed.


Our Core Values

Jesus is Lord. We affirm that God offers the world something absolutely unique in Jesus Christ. That’s why we bestow on Jesus the designation Lord with a capital “L.” No other deity, king or sovereign is worthy of such honor. We acknowledge Jesus as our leader, head of the church and Lord over the world.

Scripture is our authority. We acknowledge Scripture as reliable and dependable. We trust the Bible to tell us the truth about God, ourselves and the world. There is a growing tendency in our common culture to place personal experience over Scripture. We sit under the authority of Scripture; not over it.

Everyone is called to follow Jesus. We are learning all our lives what it means to become committed followers of Jesus. We do not regard discipleship as some super sort of Christian. Following Jesus in every area of life is fundamental to our calling. We are “becoming like Christ together for the world.”

We want everyone to live in a transforming relationship with Jesus
at the center and as the leader of our lives.

The Person of Christ

We want everyone to connect in authentic community with each other. We believe that sharing life’s journey together with others is
the best way to grow spiritually.

The Body of Christ

We want everyone to connect with Christ’s ongoing work in the world by serving in the church, the community, and around the world.

The Work of Christ

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