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Kim Pattianakotta

Life Group and Education Director

Kim delights in connecting people—to each other, to Christ, to community that will help them grow in faith. As the Life Group and Education Director, Kim serves to help you discover next steps for spiritual growth. Are you a guest looking for more info? A regular attendee looking for ways to meet more people and grow closer to God? A group leader in need of resources? Kim’s there to connect you! When she’s not working with individuals, Kim spends her time helping church groups create welcoming, spiritually fruitful environments, managing adult ministry events, and evaluating group engagement with our stated mission: a caring fellowship bringing Christ into our diverse community through discipleship and service. Offering her love of working with people in all stages of life, sixteen years of ministry leadership, a background in teaching, and recent education in public sociology, it is Kim’s joy to use her gifts and passions to build up the Body of Christ. This joy in Christ is what she aims to help you find!

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